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I am.

For someone who ideate towards Ayn Rand, this is kinda irony. That am allowing others to drive my life, and that recent relevation that all my life i've done things i did for my loved ones The joy of seeing them happy with my produce, is the best thing i could ever feel.

I am undergoing a depression. By depression, i mean got nothing to focus or none to work upon or nothing inspire to produce. Maybe, while i meant to mean 'got no love'. ~~And with the some blessed lonely time, plucked upon 'Them', came one basic tenant. One that i keep coming back to - 'With the miracle ability to Think, Man should be in motion'.~~

~~I am doing something, even when am apparently doing nothing. Now that i got one to inspire, and care, it's time to roll in hope that this time, it lasts long.~~

~~So I plan to do some writing in here. One every Sunday, or like. And workout. And develop one solution.~~
~~Sure i will slip (this supposedly should've been written yesterday!), but i intent to pursue.~~

~~Hope i atleast seed things i wanted to grow.~~

who am i fooling!?!? 🙁

Stopped my Motor

All these days i've been thinking it's in my work, atleast, i can author my 'self'. Not to be anymore!
When you are NOT trusted to do the right thing and been told what to do, whom to talk, what to talk, whom to care, whom to love.. then you a zombie and henceforth, consider the 'Individual' as fucking dead.

Long live the Puppet!

Michelle Rodriguez should’ve been the Alice

Waiting to see who will repeat this first in a Tamil movies - Vijay or Surya or Karthi or Vishal or...

About Michelle Rodriguez in Resident Evil Retribution...
"just saw the new Resident Evil and damn! Badass to a whole new level - you get hit in the face with a fire extinguisher and you're just like, "Da Fuk? Really?"