Bala and Paradesi and Prassie

= Disclaimer =
* for every point prefix "Prassie feels..." and then read
* this aint a review! You could say this is puzhambal of an absolute believer!
* all are my own views, and completely based on my values. am not inclined to argue with what your values are and what's wrong with mine.
* i understand it would be hard, overtly if you are a Bala fan. but please read completely.
* however if you got facts/reasons on why i might be wrong, please do share as a matter of fact. am really so confused now of the reaction by the rest of the world.
* and hey! i didn't do a FDFS just because there wasn't a morning show @ satyam. am a fan as much as you are too.
* this is a draft i hacked into to capture my thoughts - don't expect a great flow of thoughts
* please try to avoid troll

= Art =
* brand new huts as if all the places were created few months before. though literally true, it felt odd for me. they just looked too modern.
* cleaner dhotis for support actors looked out of place, when Adharvaa gets a much uglier, somewhat apt, clothing
* even the dhoti pattern was so different for Adharvaa and others
* prefect hair style that remains the same over years even when beard is allowed to grow!
* realized how much the art work is important in not distracting from the story
* absolutely healthy looking Adharvaa
* bleach white rice served in the marriage - just looked odd in a movie set at 1941

= Camera =
* camera trail repeats same location often, and at same perspective/angle. Example: The Hospital entrance shown multi times with the camera right opposite the entrance. Not that it is wrong, just that i got bored of the location pretty soon.
* lots of crane use (as observed from the making videos), and again got bored with the same pattern. many times it sweeps so fast that the images blur.
* i liked the colours in the making videos
* i felt that the darker tones in the estate sequences hindered the minute emotions of actors
* some of the scenes were just too dark, like those in the hut of Karuthakanni (nice name)

= Cliches =
* Angamma(Vedhika) making faces
* Retared protoganist (Adharvaa)

= Acting =
* For me, Dhanshika really kills it. She's the best in the movie.
* Vedhika wasn't helped much by the character, except to make faces
* Adharvaa has done the best, but with respect to him. If i were to compare to the Pitha Magans, he's no way near. Body language was too modern. And his fitness was sore on eyes - that's one reason Dhanshika looks so authentic.
* Many of the elder supporting actors did good, like Aadharva's Patti, his periyappa, Compounder Cruise
* Most of the others did the best they can within the constraints (glimpses) of their characters
* Ritwika was good, though not much scope

= Music =
* Songs really fit well to provide great soul with words and rendering
* If GV Prakash need to provide a great/hit song, just get the lyrics to start with "Yaathae..". Wow! Great feel and texture on the song. Will hang on for days. VV Prasanna and Pragathi, really brings out the soul of Vairamuthu's words.
* Other than the song bits, some of the BGM, reminded of Aayirathil Oruvan. Though mostly was fine, felt tired with BGM almost in all scenes and also sounded modern at times.
* Again, the original Pitha Magan (Illaiyaraja, as per Bala) is sorely missed. As much as, when Gangai Amaren sings Senneer Thaana, it just felt so right. Tamil movies, and hence us, are so very unfortunate that Illaiyaraja and Vairamuthu would never create together. துரோகமையா..! நீங்கள் இருவரும் சேராமல் இருப்பது தமிழனுக்கு செய்யும் பாவமையா! 🙁

= After Thoughts =
* In-completeness is not an issue. Bala is not responsible to provide a solution to all the problems he chooses to expose.
* I felt characters are under developed and screen play lagging to some extent
* I felt editing was lacking - a scene to show Adharvaa not getting to eat in the marriage for almost 10 mins.. seriously!!

= Of Bala =
* I felt Pitha Magan is like a quarter of this movie. The amount of detail in Pitha Magan is so awesome, that even if a quarter of this movie had them, it would have been a full length feature film by itself.
* But at a great risk, if i were to use only one word "insincere" 🙁

* My theory is this: [Bala did say (for music) as much in the press meet for this film]
* Bala, and Ameer, are hell bent on proving their theory - that they can make anybody act.
* They believe so much on their story and narration, and direction that they feel they can cast anybody and still make it good. And I did believed too!
* But the results speak for themselves
* Except Vikram, Surya (and Karthi in Paruthi Veeran) others doesn't seem to get what Bala does
* Aarya in Naan Kadavul passed thru because of his eyes and physique
* One simple fact - check the transition of the actors after they did a Bala movie
* It's a real partnership between Bala and Vikram/Surya. These actors were prepared to complete submit to Bala, and yet provide some value add on their own.
* I suspect Bala's effort are mostly spent on getting these other lesser mortals to perform, and he's getting to lose his focus on the actual content
* In trying to prove that actor's doesn't matter, Bala [Ameer with Aadhi Bagavan] is ironically proving the reverse
* That's the reason i feel Bala was insincere to the movie while concentrating more on the presentation, ignoring the details of the content
* I completely submit to the fact that am not qualified to judge Bala. Consider this to be the state of mind of the same person who celebrates Pitha Magan as a master piece; not qualified then as well.
* I should say that all these expectations of a Bala movie was so built up by Sethu, followed by Nandha and pinnacled at Pitha Magan.
* I saw Pitha Magan in a Talkies by todays standard - no AC, no dolby, no cushion chairs. And the whole crowd was in Diwali mood.
* After the movie started, the next instance i recognized the theater was in the climax - an expected revenge gave some breathing time. Otherwise the whole movie was such a perfect sequence, with every character flowing in so natural - including Simran!
* I don't even remember noticing any technical deficit or gap in the narration. If was so serene!
* Now, I went to Pitha Magan with even more expectation than Paradesi - what with PM releasing on Diwali, after Nandha, a combination of best of Bala's previous two. And i still was completely blown away by that movie. I consider it to be his master piece, though i like Nandha.
* I was reserved with Paradesi especially in the context of Avan Ivan. May be i was pessimistic - yet i gotta see so many inconsistencies, in my perspective.
* Again, i admit it's far better than any junk of other tamil movies. I feel its a disgrace to even rank any Bala movie on that scale. I want Bala to be scaled on what he set out to do!
* I am really dejected. I felt so good after seeing his press meet for this movie. He didn't sound as arrogant as after Avan Ivan interview. He was so calm and serene - usually which i see from a person who've accomplished something tremendously great and completely satisfied after all the hardship.
* If Bala is going to be satisfied with Paradesi, that would be really sad for me - as great a loss as Illaiyaraja/Vairamuthu combination. நியாமாரே.. உமக்கே நீர் செய்யும் துரோகமையா..! 🙁
* It's not worth. This simply, is not worthy of a Bala! 🙁