Apple’s Signature

Apple's [[|Designed by Apple]] campaign
>There are a thousand "no's"
>For every "yes."
>We spend a lot of time
>On a few great things.
>Until every idea we touch
>Enhances each life it touches.

Darby Lines in [[|The Angry Drunk]]
>"I look at my mother, 71 years old, who has never used a computer in her life. She now uses her iPad habitually to access information. The iPad has empowered her more than any single device created in the last fifty years, and it has done that job so seamlessly that she barely even notices."

Gruber in [[|Daring Fireball]]
>Apple spent nine months in complete silence — from the release of the iPad Mini through last week. The only thing they announced in that interim was the ouster of Scott Forstall and corresponding reshuffling of executive responsibility. No new products, no new designs. And the business and tech media lost their shit over this, declaring an end to Apple’s ability to innovate. Apple’s “This Is Our Signature” mantra is in defiance of this superficial demand for an endless stream of new new new. Apple is saying they’re above the churn of the news cycle, and if you don’t understand that yet, they don’t care. You’ll either get it through your head eventually, or you will never understand Apple.

Ben Thompson in [[|Stratēchery]]
>The truth about the greatest commercial of all time – [[|Think Different]] – is that the intended audience was Apple itself. Jobs took over a demoralized company on the precipice of bankruptcy, and reminded them that they were special, and, that Jobs was special. It was the beginning of a new chapter.
>“Designed in California” should absolutely be seen in the same light. This is a commercial for Apple on the occasion of a new chapter; we just get to see it.

and me..
>"you are blessed if you got one person to care of you like that."