I am.

For someone who ideate towards Ayn Rand, this is kinda irony. That am allowing others to drive my life, and that recent relevation that all my life i've done things i did for my loved ones The joy of seeing them happy with my produce, is the best thing i could ever feel.

I am undergoing a depression. By depression, i mean got nothing to focus or none to work upon or nothing inspire to produce. Maybe, while i meant to mean 'got no love'. ~~And with the some blessed lonely time, plucked upon 'Them', came one basic tenant. One that i keep coming back to - 'With the miracle ability to Think, Man should be in motion'.~~

~~I am doing something, even when am apparently doing nothing. Now that i got one to inspire, and care, it's time to roll in hope that this time, it lasts long.~~

~~So I plan to do some writing in here. One every Sunday, or like. And workout. And develop one solution.~~
~~Sure i will slip (this supposedly should've been written yesterday!), but i intent to pursue.~~

~~Hope i atleast seed things i wanted to grow.~~

who am i fooling!?!? 🙁